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How to Send a Mailshot

 In order to create mailshot

1) Create a contact (or candidate) search, i.e. use search and not just the simple workbench list; find the contacts (candidates) you want, and then place a TICK in the 'inc' column next to those you wish to send to.

2) Give the search a name, using the 'Description' box at the bottom centre of the screen. <TAB> off the description and click [APPLY]

3) Click the MACRO icon at the top of the screen to open the macro manager. (Looks like a cog, just above the word ‘Basic’) which will pass the selected names over into the Macro Manager screen.

4) Use the 'Type' drop-down at the top centre of the screen to select the Call Type (usually something like

MCAN - mailshot to candidates, or MCON - mailshot to contacts) - then click the Edit Template button (looks like a little folder or says [EDIT]).

5) Once the Template Editor screen opens, do the following

- Write the email you want to send using the big white area on screen.

[Tip: You can select information from the database such as candidate forename or surname using the Catalogue shown at the left hand side of the screen.]

- Set the priorities (top right) to 10/10, and chose your User ID and Personal.

- Give the template a Description using the box at the bottom left.

- Enter the Subject line for the email that they will receive (bottom centre).

Then click [APPLY]

6) (Optional) 

-If you want to attach a document to this email, and then do the following.

- Click the 'Open Template Folder' menu at the top of the screen.

- Use windows to find the document you want to attach and copy it into the templates folder.

- close the templates folder.

- enter the name of the file into the 'Attachment' field at the bottom right of the template editor screen, e.g. Attachment [Latest_press_Release.doc ]

Then click [APPLY ]

7) Click [OK]. This will take you back to the Macro Manager screen. Once here click the 'Apply Template' icon (looks like a hand holding a piece of paper).

8) It is recommended that you now TEST one of the emails. To do this, click in the 'Done' column next to one of the recipients. This will pop the email into outlook where you can spell check it, and make sure you are happy with the content before sending

9) To send all the rest  tick the small Batch Mode [   ] box at the right hand side of the screen, and choose a batch size if available.

10) Click [OK].

Warning:  Once you click [OK] with Batch Mode selected ALL the emails will start to be sent and there is no way to stop them after this point! Hence the importance of checking one at stage 8.


Once you begin sending a batch of emails it is not possible to use your PC to do anything else until the batch is completed. Please bear in mind that if sending a LARGE batch of emails, this may take some time.

e.g. If you send 200 emails, and each takes 4 seconds to send = 800 Seconds (13 mintutes)

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