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Portal Import Tool

The Influence Candidate Portal Import Tool can be found in the Toolbox in the workbench.  
It scans a dedicated Outlook Mailbox, creating Candidates, matching them to Vacancies and updating their Compliance documents.  It can be run an ad-hoc fashion or automatic mode when logging in as a specific user (normally "AUTO").

Typically a Web Developer would create a set of web pages for you to catch Candidate registrations and validate all the data entered.
The applicant then uploads their CV along with any required compliance documentation. The web site then submits an email to the dedicated mailbox,
e.g. with all the attachments. (The find out more about attaching compliance documents, click HERE)

On the Influence database the portal program will recognise a candidate registration email by the contents of the Subject (Normally "Website CV Registration") and the fact that it has an attachment, i.e. the CV of the applicant.  If no CV has been uploaded a dummy CV must be attached to trigger the Portal Import to process the application.

The body of the email contains an XML segment which is used to load the Candidate record, Match them to Jobs, Update Notes and save the Compliance docs in the correct section of the database.

Example Email Body

 Match this candidate against this Job
<cand_soc_net_site1>Linkedin Address </cand_soc_net_site1>
<cand_addr_line_2>First Line</cand_addr_line_2>
<cand_curr_emp>ABC Holdings </cand_curr_emp>
<cand_job_desc>Biomedical Engineer</cand_job_desc>
The quick brown fox</cand_*notes>           
 Notes can be added by adding multiple tags
 jumps over the lazy dog </cand_*notes>
 Attributes match up with short name

System Setup

In order for this to work, there are certain parameters which must be setup within the system. These can be found in Maintenance > Setup > Parameters.


Choose the following parameters to set the system up.

Parameter Set=Influence Professional, Tab=Text

This will tell the system what to look for as the Subject of any emails received, so that it knows to treat these as Portal Import emails.

Parameter Set=Web Parameters, Tab=Text

These parameters tell the system which TAGS are used in the body of the XML, and what status to create any MATCH record at, if you are using the system to create matches 

NB: You should not change these settings without guidance from Influence.

Parameter Set=Influence Professional Workbench, Tab=Text

Parameter Set=WORKBENCH, Tab=Flags

This parameter is used to specify a particular UserID which can use the 'CV Portal' tool -> it prevents other users accidentally clicking on the Portal Import Tool when they mean to choose Mailbox CV Tool.

Example Of Usage

 If you login to the system as the nominated UserID e.g. (AUTO) you are then able to navigate to WORKBENCH > TOOLS > Portal Import Tool.

Once you select this option,  the portal import tool  will begin to scan the nominated mailbox looking for emails with the relevant subject and will then try to process the BODY of the email in order to create a candidate record.


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