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Workbench filtration of displayed Fields

Workbench filtration using Displayed Fields

From version a new feature has been introduced which allows users to filter the results of the workbench by any of the displayed fields or columns.

This means that is is easily possible to filter the search results, even if there is not a dedicated filter criteria displayed at the top of the workbench. In combination with the newly introduced feature to allow users to select any field from the associated tables, this now allows very fine control over the displayed results on any workbench. 

(For more information about Column Selection HERE)


How it Works

At the top of the screen is a new filter icon.
Clicking this turns on field filtration. Users may then click on any items within the grid to select them for filtration.
Clicking multiple items will allow selection of multiple values from within the same column or different columns.

Pressing [GO] or [OK] will apply the filtration.
Filtration can be turned-off by clicking the filter icon again, to switch the mode from On to Off

Columns which have filtration applied to them are indicated with a filter icon in the column heading.
Selected/Filtered values are displayed with a beige background.
When choosing filtration, clicking a displayed item once will select it, and clicking again will de-select the item.

Filtration will remain active when switching to other workbenches and then returning to the filtered workbench.
(e.g. Filtering the [Candidates] workbench, then displaying [Vacancies] and returning to [Candidates] will retain filtration on the [Candidates] workbench.)



Example 1:
In the example below the list of candidates with a ROLE = Driver - HGV, has been filtered to show only Live candidates with a Salary = £0 and Stage = MAT


Example 2:
In the example below the [Vacancies] workbench has been filtered to show list of Live or TEMP vacancies, owned by user ADM at the company GlenCare

As you can see the ability to filter the workbench by displayed fields is a flexible and easy way to restrict the displayed information.
Filtration using the enhanced fields and additional fields which can be added allows users to customize the search results very easily.


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