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Template Picker

A new Template Picker has been added which allows users to select and manage Journal templates more easily when performing  maintenance
The facility allows users to add, remove and select templates with a preview of the template displayed.

This facility has been introduced from version

How it Works

Whenever you click on an 

email  or telephone number

to initiate a Journal, the system will open the Journal Entry Window.
At the right hand side of the Journal Entry window will be the [Pick] button

Clicking [Pick] will open the new template picker facility as seen below.

Method - Use the Method drop-down to select templates of the chosen method (e.g. Email, Telephone, File Note, etc.)

Call Type - Use the Call type drop-down to restrict the display to only those templates of the chosen call type

Global/Personal/All - allows selection of personal templates, Global templates or both of these (all).

Clicking one of the icons in the 'Method' strip will filter the display to only items of the selected method.
The Method is indicated in the column to the right of I/O (Inward/Outward)

Personal templates can be deleted using the

 Bin icon to the right of the item, and the template can be opened for editing using the spanner.   

Below the Method/Call Type selection row, a preview of the template is shown in the main window.
Double-clicking on one of the displayed templates will select the template and return you to the Journal Entry screen to allow you to use/send the selected template.

Tip: If you are going through a system tidy-up exercise you can un-tick the Confirm Delete[ ] option at the bottom left which means you can rapidly click the 'Bin' icons to delete templates without an intervening prompt for "OK?"






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