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How to Use the Enhanced tab in Searches

When running a candidate (or contact) search within Influence, the search screen contains an ‘Enhanced’ tab. This allows users to construct more complex queries that the simple once from the ‘Basic’ tab.

The Logic Line works with the grid of 10 lines above it. It works in a similar way to the individual lines themselves using "boolean logic"
On the grid lines you can set the "Logic" column to AND or OR.

AND = will select only those records that have all the Values 1 to 5 (if entered)  i.e. 1 <and> 2 <and>3, etc.
OR = will select any record that has any one (or more) of the Values 1 to 5   i.e 1 <OR> 2 <or> 3, etc.

The "Logic Line" under the grid is used to specify which criteria rows from the grid to apply when the search is run.
If you enter criteria into a row in the grid, but don't use its number in the Logic Line underneath, then it will get ignored completely.

Logic Line characters

& = AND, so means that both the critera specified before and after the & needed to be true for records to be selected
/ = OR, so the criteria line specified before, after or both may apply and relevant records will be selected
~ = NOT, so this specifed before a line number means that any records that line criteria would find normally, would be specifically ignored from the results list.

( xxx ) = used to group criteria lines together, so you can say (1 & 2) / (1 & 3) - so records need to match both lines 1 <AND> 2 to be selected <OR> 1 <AND> 3 . This is the same in boolean logic as saying 1 & (2 / 3)  = 1 <AND> (2 OR 3)

It can be helpful if you also wish to find records that could match more than 5 values

eg 1 / 2 where the "Logic" column on these 2 criteria lines is set to <OR> on the same 'What' field will give you up to 10 possible values you can check



Logic Line: 1&2&3

This search looks for candidates created between 01/01/2018 and 30/06/2018, who have a a birthday of 12th, 13th or 14th September (Month 09)

 Important: When creating the logic line you must *NOT* use spaces

i.e. [1&2&3   ] is valid, but [1 & 2 & 3   ] is not.


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