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Images not displaying in correctly Outlook signature

Images not displaying in correctly Outlook signature

Occasionally Outlook signatures will not be compatible when used with Influence, causing the images to not be displayed correctly when an email is passed from Influence to Outlook.

The following steps can be used to reformat the signature, which will usually resolve the compatibility issues:

  • Copy your current signature into a blank Word document.
  • Ensure the signaure displays correctly and then click File > Save As
  • Select a temporay location to save the file, such as the desktop, and use the file format 'Web Page, Filtered'.

  • Close Word and open the new HTML file from the location it was saved to.
  • Highlight and copy the signature from the new HTML file.
  • Within Outlook create a new signature and paste the copied signature into it.
  • Add this new signature into the Influence signature picker:

Confirm the images display correctly when using the new signature from Influence

When working correctly the temporary HTML document can be deleted.





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