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IQ Report - Missing Columns (Rebuild Tables)

(** Internal Influence Information ** )

On older systems the file structure for the IQ-Columns file is different than the current file structure.
If you have drag/dropped an IQ report into system and it doesn't display correct column headings, or you cannot save a Column Title into the report definition it probably indicates that the IQCOLS file needs rebuilding.


These instructions should only be carried out by Influence personnel. They are not designed to be run by users on their own systems.

To rebuild the structure of this file, you need to do the following. (with ALL users off the system)
1) Go into .......\xxxxxxx\queries\IQCOL and rename the file to IQCOL.old
(where xxxxx is the Influence system name, e.g. e:\data\Influence\queries\IQCOL)

2) Login to Influence as the user [ADM]; 'double-click' on the LOGO to update the system definitions. (Spanner)

3) Once system definitions have been updated, go to Maintenance > Database Management > Table Maintenance.
Create the file (IQCOL)

4) Now, choose Maintenance > Database Management > COPY Table.
You need to copy records FROM  ...\queries/IQCOL.old  into IQCOL  

Source      :  c:\Influence\queries\IQCOL.old
Destination:  IQCOL






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