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NI Letter Automatically Linked to Pay Type

NI Letter Automatically Linked to Pay Type

After Ver it is possible to get the system to automatically set the NI letter for a candidate when you choose their Pay Type.
This means, for example, choosing a Pay Type of UMB - Umbrella, will set the NI letter as X - No liability.


How to set this up

To make this work you will need to edit the Pay type [166] code table.
If you have sufficient priority level, choose Maintenance > Setup > Code Tables.
Select system area as C - Contact Management, then choose Pyy Type [166] and click the 'Extra Info' box at the bottom of the screen.

In the column PayRef Prefix/NI Let, you need to set the relevant NI Letter after a "/"
(prior to the "/" is the character(s) used as the prefix when creating a Pay Reference No for the candidate)

UMB    Umbrella Company         UM/X

This will assign the NI letter "X" when UMB - Umbrella company is chosen.




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