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Tempaid Export - Single Line Per Day

When using the Influence database in conjunction with Tempaid it is possible to control how the bookings are exported.
By default the system exports a summary row in the export file containing the total hours and pay rate(s) for a given worker/Site/Role/PO Number combination,

However, it is sometimes useful or necessary to export time sheet information in a one-row-per-day format.
If this is required is can be controlled using a system parameter

An example export file is shown below:

You can see (above) that there is an individual line per day, and the "Rate" includes the day description.
03/04, 04/04. 05/04, etc.


If you are using a multi-office system where you can choose to log into different "offices" when you first login to Influence, then the facility is controlled on an office-by-office basis using the Code Table Offices [005]

To turn it on choose
Maintenance > Setup > Code Tables
System Area = S - system, then choose the Offices [005] code table
Tick 'Extra Info [  ]' and place a "1" into the first numeric column (labelled as "TA Line/day" ) for all offices which require to work in this way.

All other offices will export using the usual 'amalgamated' export format.


If you are not using a multi-office system then this is controlled with a Parameter:

PAYROLLB,Flag(25) "Tempaid Post 1 line per day"  - Set this to Y if you need the 1-line per day format, as above.


Below is the 'normal' (Amalgamated line) export format for comparison

In the example above, the line contains the total hours (54.00) and the pay/charge rates (8.00/15.00)

From Version onwards
Tempaid - Adjustment hours Added or Subtracted

When exporting timesheet information to Tempaid, any adjustments made to the hours can either be Added or Subtracted and this is controlled with a new Parameter. Parameter PAYROLL,FLAG(54) - Subtract TS Hours adjustments on Tempaid. If ticked then hours will be subtracted, otherwise they will be added.

Example: Above shows a 5Hr adjustment being made. Assuming the Timesheet was for 40Hrs (5 days, 8Hrs per day)
PAYROLL,FLAG(54) = Y would post 35Hrs to tempaid (40Hrs - 5Hrs)
PAYROLL,FLAG(54) = N would post 45Hrs to tempaid (40Hrs + 5Hrs)

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