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Automatic email Alert of Candidate status change

Automatic Email Alert of Candidate Status Change

The latest release of the influence software adds the ability to automate the sending of an email to one or more internal contacts when the status of a candidate is changed to one or more specific values.


In the example below, if the status of the candidate is changed to "SOLD", then an email will be sent to selected individuals alerting them to the fact. The format of the email message itself is hard-coded within the program.

The system will then generate an email containing details of this change, in a format as below.


How it Works

The setup is controlled with the a set of parameters detailing which status changes trigger the sending of an email and the recipients for the email.

Choose Maintenance > Setup > Parameters then choose File > Open
Select the parameter set called CANDSTAT - Candidate Status Change Emailing
Select the [Text] tab.

 Up to 10 status can be set to trigger emails. (The statuses are those held in code table "Candidate Status" [911] )

Use the 'Odd' numbered parameters (1, 3, 5, etc) to specify the Status and the recipients.
The recipients may be either UserID's or Department codes.
The format is CCCC [XXX/YYY/ZZZ ]   where CCCC is the Status Code, XXXX/YYYY/ZZZZ are the UserID's or Department codes

Use the 'Even' numbered parameters to specify a Subject line for the generated email.
(If no subject is specified then the subject will be  "Internal Email from xxxxxxxxxxx" - where xxxxxxxxxx is the system name.)

A call type for the resultant journal may be specified by entering that on the "Images" tab of the parameters.

 Note:  The alter email will only be sent if the status is changed manually. If it is part of an automatic system process (e.g. Placing a candidate via the workflow) then the email will not be sent.








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