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Conditional Merge Fields - UserID (Specific)

It is possible to store text against the UserID.
This stored text can be split into separate text stanzas if desired, and these text stanzas can then be used as MERGE fields on documents or templates.


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Adding Text to the UserID

Using the Stanzas as Merge Fields

Adding Text to the UserID

If you have high enough priority you will be able to access the userID records.
This is done via

Maintenance > Setup > User Profiles
Click the [...] button and select the UserID to which you wish to add some text
At the top of the screen, click the 'Text' icon (Notepad) and choose User Profile Text

Once the text window opens you can simply, type the text into the white space.
If desired you can split the text into stanzas using #nnnnnnn where nnnnnnn is the name of the section.

The text can contain plain text, or merge fields, e.g. [[SDF_SYS_NAME$]]

Some special merge fields which may be useful when adding text stanzas to documents are:

[[$Document=\\ppppppp\pppppp\filename.doc]] - this allows you to specify the path to a document stored on the server. This document can then be inserted into a document template as a merge field.

[[$Image=\\xxxxxxxx\xxxxxxxx\picturename.jpg]] - this allows you to specify the path to an image (*.jpg, *.png) stored on the server. This image can then be inserted into a document template as a merge field.

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Using the Stanzas as merge fields

Once text stanzas have been stored against a UserID, it is relatively easy to pull these stanzas into Document Templates or Journals.
An example of a Journal (email) Template is shown below.

Important: The field you need to use is the UserID field from the Influence User Profiles
 [[USR_USR_ID$, $TEXT=#nnnnnnnn]]

Effectively you insert the relevant merge field into the template you you normally would, and then tell the system which text stanza to select.
i.e. [[USR_USR_ID$, $TEXT=#nnnnnnn]  where

$TEXT tells the system to go and get the text associated with the code
=#nnnnnn specifies which stanza you wish to retrieve.


To find out more about using Conditional Merge fields with, click HERE.

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