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Conditional Merge Fields - Snippets

It is possible to store text against the Code Tables.
There is a Specific (New) code table which has been added (after Version called Template Snippets

The idea is that users can add records to this code table, then store some template snippets against these codes.
It is then possible to add these "standard" pieces of text to templates or documents.
If the text changes, then it can be edited in ONE place (on the Template Snippets code table) rather than having to go into each document or template individually to edit the text.

Adding Text to the Template Snippets code Table [440]

Within code table maintenance, under the C - Contact management section, you will find the Template Snippet [440] code table.

New codes can be added in the normal way.
Once a code exists it is possible to associate TEXT with the code using the [+] button at the right hand side.
The text can contain plain text, or merge fields, e.g. [[SDF_SYS_NAME$]] (system name)

Some special merge fields which may be useful when adding text are:

this allows you to specify the path to a document stored on the server. This document can then be inserted into a document template as a merge field.
 this allows you to specify the path to an image (*.jpg, *.png) stored on the server. This image can then be inserted into a document template as a merge field.


Using the Template Snippets as a Merge Fields

Once text paragraphs have been created against each of the codes, it is relatively easy to put these into a Template
Simply add the field [[$SNIPPET=XXXX]] where XXXX should be replaced with the relevant Template Snippet Code.

Tip: To help with inserting the Snippet field, select the $Functions section at the bottom of the Catalogue and choose 'Insert Snippet'

 To find out more about using Conditional Merge fields with templates click HERE.


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