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Sending SMS Text Messages

Select a record (e.g. Candidate/Contact) and click on their mobile number to open the Journal entry page.


Create your message by typing the subject/body of the message and ensure that the Method is set to SMS Text Message.
Click [OK] to send the SMS and record a copy of the journal in the database.

NB: After version two new features are possible if you are using FIRETEXT as your SMS provider:
i) It is possible to attach a single *.PDF file to the SMS text. The recipient will get a link in the message which can be clicked to download the *.PDF onto their device.
ii) It is possible to prevent the subject line from the journal from being sent as part of the message. (Parameter JNL, flag(35) )

NB: After version, if using Firetext as your SMS provider it is possible to prevent the subject line being sent as part of the message. (Parameter JNL, flag(35) )

How to Send an SMS Mailshot

In order to create mailshot

1) Create a contact (or candidate) search or use the [Candidates] or [Contacts] workbench to display a list of people.

2) Click the MACRO icon at the top of the screen to open the macro manager. (Looks like a cog) which will pass the selected names over into the Macro Manager screen.

3) Select Method to be 'SMS Text Message'

4) Add a subject and a message body.

5) Select batch mode and Click 'OK' to begin sending the mailshot.

The system will send an SMS (text) message to each of the people in the mailshot, which will be delivered to their mobile phone.
Sending the messages will reduce the balance with your pre-paid SMS provider.



Receiving SMS Replies

Having sent an SMS message it is possible for replies to come back into the system and to be displayed on the ALERT MANAGER screen. In order to retrieve the replies there is a daemon process that runs in the background which will need to be setup.

To see the replies a user simply needs to open their ALERT Manager and replies will be shown on here along with any other TASKS.

NOTE: The automatic retrieval process will 'periodically' look for replies every 10 minutes. 

After version it is possible to get the reply tasks to show to a Team.  This is controlled with a new parameter (JNL, Flag(36) ) and is only available if using FIRETEXT as your integrated SMS provider.







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  1. Graeme Orchard

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    In a Vacancy you can choose the MATCHES page, then use the drop-down to select an action of 'Standard Action'.

    Pressing the [Action] button will then take you into the macro manager from where you can choose which of the candidates matches to the vacancy you wish to send a mass (macro) message to.