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Email Import / Synchronise Mail Folder

It is possible to import emails from your MS Outlook folders directly into Influence. This can either be done by dragging/dropping a selection of emails into Influence or by using the Mailbox Sync Tool

The Mailbox Sync Tool allows users to choose one of the folders from their Outlook Mailbox and scan the folder to synchronize all the emails. Influence will scan the folder looking at the 'From' email address (or the 'To' email in the case of Sent Items folder) and will then try to find a matching email address in the database to store the email against. [Candidate]/[Contact].


How to Sync Emails

1. Choose [Toolbox] and expand the MS Outlook folder to select the folder you wish to sync.

2. Select the option Mailbox Sync Toolthen press the [Refresh] button at the bottom right.

The system will  prompt:
Please confirm that you wish to scan selected mailbox for journal synchronization
and then proceed to scan the chosen mailbox. After reading the first 100 emails, the system will pause and display a message stating

100 Items Read, continue to Read next 100 items [Yes/No]

Choosing YES will scan the next 100 items, then prompt again. It will continue in this manner until you press No.

The scanned emails will be listed and any emails which have a matching email addresses in the database will be indicated with a purple icon, and will have a TICK in the selected column.
You can untick any emails you do NOT wish to sync.
You can untick the all the selected emails by clicking the column heading [Sync Selected] and then select only those you want.

To import the selected (ticked) emails, click on the text at the top left showing Click to Sync
This will then process the selected emails and import them into the system.

Alternatively, you can import the WHOLE folder.
To do this, after the initial message 100 Items Read, continue to Read next 100 items [Yes/No] choose No

Then, leaving the selected items ticked, click the [REFRESH] button at the bottom left.
In this case the system will continue to scan the WHOLE of the selected mailbox and then import each of the selected emails.

Emails which have been imported will display a sync symbol at the right hand side. (see below)

This option is particularly useful when you first start using influence and it will allow you to capture large numbers of emails which were sent outside the database using MS Outlook, and sync those emails into the database for storage.

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