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Contact Mailshot - Pictorial Guide

Simple Pictorial Guide to Mailshots.

In order to send a mailshot to a number of contacts using a template, follow the instructions below.

  1. Select Searching at the bottom left of the workbench, then choose the [Contact] button at the top left and click [New]
    Once the search screen appears you may enter any criteria to help you find the contacts you want, such as Bus.Type, Address,  Importance, etc. then press the blue [Search] button at the bottom left to run the search and return a list of contacts.

    Place a tick in the inc column next to the contacts to whom you wish to send the mailshot, and give the search a name using the Description field at the bottom centre.

Then click the macro button. This looks like a small cog at the top of the screen (just above the word Normal)
All of the selected (ticked) contacts will be passed to the macro manager screen.


In the macro manager screen you will see a list of your selected contacts. Use the Type drop down at the top centre to select a call type for this communication (normally MCON but you can choose other types).

Next use the drop down to select a template. You can either select a previous template you have used and use the [Edit] button to modify the content or simply press [EDIT] to create a new template.

After pressing [Edit] the system will open the template editor screen.
In the Template Editor screen you can design the content of your email.
The first line of this should normally be Dear [[CMC_CONTACT_FORENAME$]] 
(Where [[CMC_CONTACT_FORENAME$]] is a field that will be replaced with the contact forename when the email is sent.
In the case of a candidate mailshot, the field should be [[ENID_FORENAME$]])

If you are EDITing an existing template simpy, over-type the main body with the content you want to send, and make sure that the Subject at the bottom centre contains the correct subject line.

If you want to create a NEW template, but leave the old one then click [Copy] first, then edit the main body of the email and give your template a Description, and a Subject.

When happy with your email template click [OK]

Tip: If you would like the content of your email to contain information from within the database such as the contacts’ phone number or company name, you can select information from the database using the Catalogue at the left hand side. Simply select the correct section, press the + to expand it, then double-click on the relevant piece of information to insert it into the content.

After clicking OK you will be returned to the Macro Manager screen to send the emails.

Once back on the Macro Manager screen, click the [Apply] button. This will prepare the template ready for each contact but will not send it.

Finally to send the email shot

i)        Click the Done column next to one contact – this will pass a single email into MS Outlook for you to check. If you are happy with the look & layout press [Send] in Outlook to send the email.

ii)       To send all the others as a batch, tick the Batch Mode check box at the right hand side of the Macro Manager screen, then press [OK]. This will then start to automatically send each email one-after-another until they have all been sent.



NOTE: If you are sending a LARGE batch of emails this may take some time, during which you will not be able to do anything else on your PC!  e.g. If you sent 250 emails and each one took 5 seconds to pass to MS Outlook & send, then 250 x 5 = 1250 secs   i.e.  21 mins.


Note2: When using searches to create Mailshots it is possible to print them as Letters by changing the Method from E - email to L - Letter.



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