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OnLine Timesheets for Influence Professional

The latest version of your Influence Professional software now allows integration with on-line timesheets.

We have chosen InTime as our partner to provide the ability to record online timesheets.

The InTime software integrates fully with your Influence Professional database so that when you place a contractor using your Influence database the details are passed to InTime. The InTime software then allows Contractors to submit their weekly timesheets and for employers and managers to approve these timesheets. The details of the completed and approved timesheets are passed back to Influence and stored in the timesheets system to provide easy access to these details.

These details can also be passed from Influence to your Payroll system such as Tempaid in order to help generate the payments to your temporary workers.

To find out more please call the Influence sales team on 0845 371 5273

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