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Influence workbench now shows Progress Bar

Welcome to 2013!

Now Christmas is over, we've been working hard to continue to improve the Influence Professional software.
The latest change is the addition of a new 'progress' bar to the workbench.

Customer feedback had indicated that whilst performing a long or complex query using the workbench there was no indication if the software was doing anything and they were never quite sure if it was just that they were waiting or if their PC had stopped or hung.

In response we have added a progress bar. Whilst a workbench query is running a small blue progress bar will run accross the bottom of the screen to give an indication that the query is running and that something is still happening. You should receive the new feature the next time you install an Influence update.

There will be more new and exciting features coming throughout 2013.


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  1. Graeme Orchard

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