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Automatic emails on change of Status added

A new feature has been added to the the Influence Professional database which allows the system to create an email journal automatically every time the status of a candidate has been changed.

This facility allows users to easily configure responses or templates to communicate with their candidate base each time they change the status of a record.

For example if a candidate is registered with a status of "Raw" and is then moved to "LIVE" status, the system can automatically open an email template so that the user can quickly drop an email to the candidate to let them know they are fully registered and that you are actively working on their behalf.

Similarly, if a LIVE candidate has their status changed to "ARCH" (archived) or "NFA" (No Further Action) the system could display a suitable email explaining that they are now in an archive pool, but that they should contact you with an updated CV if they are still looking.

This facility is available from version or later.

Stay tuned for other exciting developments during 2013.

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