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New Compliance facility to allow the setup of Dependent Items

Compliance - Dependent Items Facility

From software version (or later) it is possible to setup dependent items within the compliance section of the Influence professional software.
 Once configured correctly it makes it possible to setup a compliance item such that it is not possible to tick/complete the item until several others upon which it is dependent have been completed.

You may have compliance items setup for:
Certificate of Incorporation, Public Liability Insurance and OK-to-Work as Contractor

In this case it is possible to setup the system so that you cannot tick 'OK-To-Work as Contractor' until both Cert of Incorporation <AND> Public Liability Insurance have been completed (ticked)


In this example the compliance item PAR - Parent will *not* be able to be ticked as complete unless the item DEP1 has previously been ticked as completed.

For more information about the dependent item facility click HERE


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