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New Release up to

A New release of the software has become available. (

The summer is here, and we have been working hard. Our latest software update contains a mixture of features, enhancements
and good old fashioned bug fixes.

This release contains the following new items;

Improved Suggestions screen from booking entry

When making a booking for a TEMP worker, the system has always had the ability to show Suggestions.
The screen displaying the suggestions has now been enhanced to show more relevant information including the "Ranking" (Thumbs up/Down)
and Radius (distance) from the work location.

The improved grid is shown below.

(NB: The [Detailed Search] button has moved from the bottom left to the top right, just below [Rate Source] )

To find out more about the Booking Suggestion feature, click HERE.

Create Group facility added to Macro manager

Whenever a group of Contacts or Candidates is passed into the Macro manager screen for mass contact (email, sms, etc) it is now possible to
easily turn the selected people into a Group using the new 'Groups' icon at the top of the screen. these Groups will then be available from the
relevant workbench ([Contacts] / [Candidates])



Indexed search of Payroll fields added to the [Candidates] workbench

When working with TEMPS in particular, it is often useful to find a particular worker by their Payroll reference number, or other such details.
It has now been made easier to locate workers using these payroll or accounts fields directly from the [Candidate] workbench.

Personalised Reminder Times for Diary Synchronisation

When synchronising the Influence [Diary] with your MS Outlook it is now possible to amend and store your own Reminder times for each Sync.
For example, you may want Appointments to have a 15-min reminder time, but only 10-mins for Interviews.

To amend these times simply edit the pop-up screen, then come out of these fields and click [Apply] and these values will be stored and written
back to your user record for use next time.

Once you have clicked [Apply] you can then continue to [Sync] as you normally would,


Improved Bank account edit control

When editing the bank account details of a candidate it is now possible to control the editing of these details.
If the details are <blank> they can be filled and then amended on the same day. After that day has passed the details can then become 'locked'
and will only be editable by users with a high-priority login, such as accounts team members or senior management.

This facility can be activated using a new parameter within system maintenance if required.

 For more information about this feature, click HERE.

More new features coming soon in future product releases.


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