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New parameters for Mutliline compliance merge field

New Parameter for Compliance Multi-line field

When designing templates it has been possible for a while to use a [[MULTILINE]] field to pull-in details of compliance
items onto the template.

Version adds some additional parameters to the Compliance Multi-line field to allow you to produce a list
of 'expired' items, or items expiring within XX days.


Dear Mike,

The following items will expire within the next 60 Days. Please arrange to get us updated documents
to ensure that we can continue to offer you work.

Driving Licence                  Expiry: 20/09/2016
Public Liability Insurance     Expiry: 03/10/2016
Immunisation Ceertificate   Expiry: 17/09/2016

To find out more about MULTILINE merge fields, click HERE




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