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New - Enhanced Compliance Search on Candidates Workbench

Enhanced Compliance search on Candidate Workbench

From version (or later) a new criteria has been added to the [Candidates] workbench to allow users to search for candidates based upon up to 20 compliance questions.

This is useful for example to find candidates where a specific compliance item is about to expire within the next few days, so that you can send an email to these candidates asking them to submit an updated document or certificate.


The Compliance filter will appear among the criteria at the top of the [Candidates] workbench.
Clicking the filter will open an 'advanced' window where the user may specify up to 20 criteria related to Compliance items.
A 'Logic Line' allows you to combine these criteria  e.g. (1&2)/3  (i.e. One <and> Two <OR> Three)


 Example of Logic Screen


 To find out more about how to use this feature, click HERE


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