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Work History Page for Temp Workers

Work History page for Temp Workers

A new 'Work History' page has been added to the Worker record within the new TEMP CENTRE.
If you drill into a Worker from the TEMP CENTRE, their record now shows a tab labelled Work History

The Work History page displays details of 'Booking Matches' for the temp worker.
You can see the Company they worked for, the date of their First/Last booking at this site, and their First* role.

* If the candidate has worked at this site doing many different roles, the Work History page shows the role description
for the role of their first booking with this company. (i.e. When the booking match was created)


NOTE: This Work History page is only displayed when opening the Worker from the TEMP CENTRE;
drilling into the candidate from the normal [Candidate] workbench displays the Matches page.


To find out more about the TEMP CENTRE click HERE.



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