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NEW feature to View CV whilst entering Journal notes.

View CV whilst entering Journal

It is often useful to have the Journal Entry window open so that you can record details of a candidate conversation whilst at the same time having a copy of the candidate CV open.

Previously it was necessary to go to the candidate and then open the CV first, before commencing the journal.

The latest release (v1.00.17.019) adds the ability to easily open the candidate CV from within the Journal entry screen.
(In fact you can open *Any* document which is available of the candidate 'DOCS' page in the database)



Below is a screen showing a telephone Journal to a candidate. If you want to open the CV document for the candidate
simply choose the Documents page

Having chosen the Documents page you will have access to any of the relevant documents, and clicking on the document
will open the chosen file.
(This facility is available for all journal methods, Telephone, File Note, fax, etc. In the case of an email method template you can click the document to attach it to the email journal, or right click to open & view the file.)


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