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Minor Changes to Timesheet Entry/Adjustment

Minor Changes to Timesheet Entry/Adjustment

The next release of Influence, due after 26/6/17 will include some minor changes to the time-sheet entry system.

Firstly, the location of the "Adjustment" symbol (A small magnifying glass) has been moved from the far right of the time-sheet entry screen and is now next to the 'Time-sheet' icon - making it easier to see where an adjustment exists and has been made.

Secondly, if you click the 'Time-sheet' icon to open a combined time-sheet showing details of all the booked days, adding an Adjustment will add this to the first of the booked days.

Clicking the [T/S] icon for Wed 21st will open the 'combi' time-sheet showing all days (i.e. Mon 19th - Fri 23rd)
Any adjustments added from this screen will be accumulated and displayed next to the Monday booking.


NOTE: It is still possible to put adjustments against a specific day if required, by clicking directly onto the 'Adjustment' column for that day, rather than going via the [T/S] icon.





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