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Multiline Contract Invoicing

Newer versions of Influence professional (Ver or later) allow the creation of Contract Invoices. 
This means that once Timesheets have been entered against a contract placement, then users can create/print an Invoice document.
(It will also allow use of the ‘Invoice’ screen when producing invoices for Permanent Placements.)

- Users must be using the Influence Professional version of the software and must have a version number of or later.
- The Invoice Lines/Invoice Header tables must have been created.

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System Setup

Generate Invoice files

Use Invoice tables

Multiline Invoice Table

Invoice Line Formatting

How to use Multiline Invoicing


Calculating the Invoice Date

System Setup

These items should be done by your Influence system consultant - please call us if you would like to start using the contract invoicing options as you will probably need a little training too.

i) Generate the Invoice files (if they are not already created)
Create the Invoice Lines and Invoice Header files if necessary to do so.
(INVLINE0001.kdb)  / (INVHEAD0001.kdb)

ii) Tell the system to use Invoicing Tables.
Set the system parameters to activate Invoicing files.
RECINV, Flag(6) Use Invoicing Tables  

Also set the system parameters to ensure that Time-sheets are displayed for Contract placements.

PLACEMENT, Priorities (2)             Display Placement Invoice Tab                   
PLACEMENT, flag(24)                     Store contract Timesheet details             

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 iii) Create a suitable Multiline Invoice Template.
Create a new Template from within Template Maintenance.
Template Doc    : DocName (e.g. ContINV) 
Description        : 
Description of document   (eg. Multiline Contract Inv.)
Template for      :
Doc Type             : 


Then use the [Edit Template] button to design an Invoice layout. When designing the template you need to put the [[Multiline]] merge field into the template around any fields you wish to repeat. An example of a typical format is shown below.




Formatting the Invoice Line

The text which is shown using the field “TXT_INVOICE_LINE_TEXT$” will normally produce some text showing something like the example below.

Manuj Gulati -Technical design Authority, Days as follows:
Period: 11/07/2016 - 17/07/2016
Job: [VR/05616] Technical design Authority
5.00 Days @ £525.00 Daily = £2625.00


However, the format/design of this text line can be changed. To do this you need to go into Maintenance > Tools > Template Maintenance then choose “JOURNALS”
Create a Journal template using the Scenario of Where = ILC (Invoice Line Contract)  or ILP (Invoice Line Perm)


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How to use Multiline Invoicing

Make a PLACEMENT as you normally would for a CONTRACT vacancy. Open the placement and choose the [Time-sheets]  tab.

Double-click on any time-sheet row to open the record and enter any figures. Once you have entered the figures, tick the “ready to Invoice] checkbox.

To produce invoices for this contract, click the [Invoice] button at the bottom right of the ‘Time-sheets’ tab.


Having clicked the [Invoice] button the system will display a summary of the Invoice(s).
You can add additional charge lines to the invoice using the [Add Line] button

To produce the document click the [Invoicing] button at the bottom right of the ‘Invoicing’ screen.

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 You can see a list of ALL Invoices that are due to be paid, using the following option:
Maintenance > Reporting Tools > Invoice List.

At the top of the screen are selections for Paid [  ]Unpaid [  ] and Cancelled [  ].
You can tick one or more of these to get a list of items.

You can click in the Status column to change the status of an item.


This will allow you to change the status from Paid->Unpaid  or Unpaid -> Paid.
This will allow you to set the status to Cancelled.
 On the line will open the Invoicing details (Header + Lines)

The [Excel] button at the bottom left of the screen will export the displayed items into MS Excel for further analysis or distribution.

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Calculation of Invoice Date

After version, it is possible for the INVOICE DATE to be calculated based upon the TERMS TYPE set on the Company record.

e.g. If you open a company record, and select the [Accounts] tab, you can set a terms type such as 'EOM1' which will calculate the invoice date as then End of the month following month of Invoice. A Terms Type of "FME" will set a specific number of days (such as 14) from Month-End, e.g. Something invoices on 4th July, might become due on 14th Aug. 

The TERMS TYPE [408] code table holds the definitions of these types and can be used to control how they calculate the due date with "Extra Info [  ] "

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