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Product Release Notes (History)

This article gives details of features and fixes included in each release of the software. To see which version you currently have installed see this article HERE 

Upcoming items in next Release (date TBC)


Different SMS reply number for each office (if using a multi-office setup)

If you have a multi-office system setup within Influence whereby users login and choose a particular 'office' or 'branch' they are working from, then if using Firetext as your SMS provider, it is now possible to have a different REPLY number dependent upon the office the user is logged-in as.
e.g. Replies to SMS messages sent from the Reading office will go back to a different number than replies from the Staines office.

To find out more, click HERE


Include PayRef in excel export from Master Planner

It is possible to export the 'Master Planner' into MS excel by clicking the printer icon at the top right of the screen. Using this option will now pass the PayRef for the candidate into excel, and it will be displayed in the NOTES column.

Bug Fixes

 - Fixed a bug which could cause the system to crash in a Contact Search if the user had selected "None" as the Groups to search and had created no contact Groups. 

- Fixed crash caused when dragging/dropping email onto Opt-In tab of GDRP/Padlock section.

Release: (21/02/2018 ) ver: 


Campaign Monitor Groups

It is now possible to create a group within Influence (Candidates or Contacts) which is linked to a list within Campaign Monitor

Once Group has been marked as a Campaign Monitor group, candidates (or contacts) added to the group will be sent up to campaign monitor as a list. Members of the list can be marked as unsubscribed or deleted from the campaign monitor list, and these changes will be reflected within the associated Group within Influence.

Find out more about this feature HERE
See for more information about Campaign Monitor itself and how their emailing & marketing facilities can help.

Local Cache Folder cleared on Login (Direct Systems)

When using the Influence Direct system, documents are temporarily stored in a local cache folder on the client PC. These documents are usually cleared, but the system has been enhanced so that any remaining documents left in this folder are cleared on login to ensure no personal data remains on the client PC.

(This change will only affect Influence DIRECT systems; those using the Cloud Desktop or where the database is installed on their own server are not affected by this change.)

Compliance Type on Clients

It is possible to record a Compliance TYPE against compliance items. This compliance TYPE can be recorded against a client record. If a TYPE has been set against a client record, then when making a booking for that client, the system will check all of the 'normal' compliance items PLUS any items of this TYPE. When booking  candidates to work at a site where no TYPE has been specified any compliance items which have a TYPE will be ignored.

Increased Line Spacing on Workbench Grids

At the top right of each workbench are two new + / - buttons.
These allow users to increase the line spacing of items within the workbench grid.

Bug Fixes

 - When sending emails via the macro manager, the subject line length was restricted to 60 characters rather than the full 120-character length. The full 120-character length is now allowed.

- Fixed an issue when sorting the [Companies] workbench using the  'No. of Branches' column.

- Fixed an issue that meant the 'Business Type' criteria were not retained when saving a vacancy search and needed to be re-entered each time the search was opened.

- When running an Attribute Search through a Group  from the [Companies] workbench the system would fail to retrieve results. This has been fixed.

Release: (29/01/2018 ) ver:  


Retain GROUP selection when moving Forward/Back through PLANNER
If you have selected a 'Planner Group' (candidates) from the left of the [Planner] workbench in the TEMP Centre, paging forwards (or backwards) through weeks will retain the group selection rather than blanking it as previously.


If you are on the Assignment List page of an assignment you can now create a GROUP of Candidates/Contacts/Companies based upon the items which have been added to your research list. For more information about the new feature, see our support article

Unfilled Bookings row 'Frozen' at top of planner.

When scrolling up/down the  PLANNER view if the Unfilled Bookings row is displayed at the top of the screen, other rows will scroll past this and it will remain in place. (Similar to the "Freeze Panes" feature in MS excel.)

Candidate Compliance Report now allows selection by GROUP.

When running the candidate compliance report (Maintenance > Reporting Tools > Candidate Compliance Report) it is possible to filter this using a GROUP of Candidates.

Macro Manager allows access to Calculator, Quick Search & User_Profile

When the Macro Manager screen is opened (used for sending mass emails) it is now possible to access the Margin Calculator, the Quick-Search (magnifying glass) or the User Profile (House) features directly from this screen using 3 new icons added to the top of the screen.   

Compliance Items restricted by USER

It is now possible to configure the setup of a compliance item so that it can only be amended/edited by certain users. It is possible to define which user(s) can edit an item and which user(s) can tick the item as compliant. If any users have been defined as having access to a particular compliance item then all other users are assumed as having no access.

Editing Rates prompts to Enter a New 'Effective Date'

If you go to a client (or candidate) and edit the monetary value of Rates which are stored, when clicking [OK] the system will prompt the user to enter a new "Effective" date for the Rates. Any other changes to the rate card will prompt the user to save the change as a new rate card, but not necessarily change the effective date.

Appointments and Tasks now have a 'Ribbon'

If you add either a task or an appointment to the system, this can be accessed through the Diary. When you open either the task or appointment  there is a Ribbon along the top of the page which allows you to drill into any associated objects (Candidate, Contact, Company, or Vacancy)

Candidates can only be booked into Specified Roles

When using the Temporary bookings system, a new feature has been added to restrict the roles into which a candidate can be booked.  The system can be set so that it only allows bookings for roles which match those specified on the 'Requires' page of the candidate.  (The new feature is controlled by parameter PayrollB, flag 35)

Contacts workbench now allows access to Client record fields

When adding fields to the display of the [Contacts] workbench the system now allows users to access fields from the CLIENTS table. Previously this was not possible.

Commission Splits for Temp Bookings

A new feature has been added which will allow users to record commission splits against temporary bookings. At the Timesheet Entry stage, users will be able to record details of how commission should be split. This information can be exported to Tempaid for further analysis or payment within your payroll system.

Find out more about Commission splits HERE.

Multi-Office/Period Type for Tempaid Export of Timesheets

When using the Timesheet Entry module, it is now possible to export a single file containing a mixture of timesheets relating to both hourly and daily timesheet records in a single export. Similarly it is also possible to export timesheets from multiple 'Offices' at the same time (if you are using a multi-office system).

Find out more about timesheet export HERE

Sticky Notes on Planner.

A new feature has beed added to allow users to have NOTES on the Planner.
When creating a booking type it is now possible to specify that the booking type should act as a "Sticky Note". To use it simply select the booking type from the palette below the Planner and click in the relevant CELL to add a note. The note shows the User who added it, the Date it was added, and the text.

Automatically Include Umbrella contact as 'Bcc' when Sending Candidate Confirmations

From this release when sending a confirmation email to a candidate with details of their booking, if the candidate is setup to indicate that they are working via an Umbrella Company, it will be possible to get the system to automatically add a contact from that umbrella company in the 'Bcc' field of the email. 

Find out more HERE

Search for 'Branch Type' from Workbench/Searches

If a client has multiple branches, it is possible to set a 'Site Type' against each branch to indicate if it is a Location only, or an 'Invoice' address. A new filter has been added to the [Clients] workbench, [Contacts] workbench and both the 'Contacts' search and 'Branches' search to allow users to filter by Branch Type.

Find out more about how to use Branch Type search HERE.

Groups listed Alphabetically in Group Manager

If you go into a record in Influence (Company, Contact, Candidate or Vacancy) and click the Groups icon at the top of the screen, opening the Group Manager will now list  the available groups in alphabetical order. If Groups have been organised by Importance they are highlighted and sorted within importance, then alphabetically.

Bug Fixes

- If the system was set to automatically display "Show Where" when opening a contact record, it opened the panel with "Associated Branches" selected rather than "Base Branches". This has been fixed.  (Automatic opening is controlled with parameter CMS_ flag(26) )

- Rectified and issue when saving a Vacancy Search whereby the saved search did not retain the filters for 'Business Type' or 'Business Area'.

 - If a Dept. code had been assigned to a contact by accident, it was not possible to remove or delete this Dept. This is now fixed.

- Fixed a bug in Vacancy searches which meant that the Bus.Type/Bus.Area filters did not get saved correctly when the search was saved.

- Removed incorrect items from the toolbar of all 'Standard Reports'. (Maintenance > Reporting Tools > Standard Reports). 

Release: (05/12/2017 ) ver:  


- Ability to include 'Environment Variables' as merge fields.
It is now possible to add the details of an environment variable to a MERGE field within a journal template. 
(This will be useful for upcoming development such as the location of a TIMESHEET server, so that this can be displayed in email templates and sent to candidates/contacts to provide them with a LINK to submit timesheets.)

- Within the Time-sheet Entry screen there are now buttons to CLEAR any filters
(Clear [Company] filters, clear [Worker] filter )

- Within Time-sheet Entry typing the worker name, then pressing [...] passes the details through into the candidate search to allow yo to find/retrieve the correct worker.

- When entering time sheet information using the new 'Weekly' entry screen, clicking [...] next to a time now allows users to select the time using the twin 'clock' selection method.

- When using the [Planner] replacing an availability marker (e.g. Available AM, REST, etc.) with a working time booking (normally BKD) will now record the UserID of the person making the replacement BOOKING (working time), rather than retaining the UserID of the original user who placed the marker.

- Compliance/Attribute link. It is now possible to link compliance items with attributes, enabling users to easily search for compliance items in the same way as attributes. The system can build these links automatically and set the attributes to 'X' when the associated compliance item expires. See HERE for more information.

-Enhanced Security: Using an environment variable it is now possible to enforce password complexity for user IDs. For example you can say users must set a password which contains at least 10 characters, of which there are 3 numbers, 2 Upper case, 1 Lower case and one 'other' character. It is also possible to set the system so users login using an email address rather than a 4-character User ID.

- When sending a batch of Job-Specs to a candidate from the [Match] page of a candidate the drop-down next to the [Action] button can be re-labelled as whatever you like. This is controlled with parameter REC_C, Glossary (17)

- A new facility has been added such that if any rate is found at the Requirement level, then the rate hierarchy will be ignored from that point on and the rates at that point returned even if some of the rates are zero. (controlled using Parameter Set BOOKREQ, Flag 27) This is only applicable if you use Requirements for Temp bookings.

- The system has been enhanced so that once time-sheet records have been exported and flagged as "Paid" then it is not possible to edit the hours or rates by using the [Weekly] button within Time-sheet Entry.

- Using Groups it is now possible to set TEXT for a batch or records (Candidates/Contacts/Clients/Vacancies). It will over-write existing text and is protected by a password.

Bug Fixes

Fixed issue whereby when a user created a new journal template it would default to "Global".  New journal templates now default to 'Personal'

Fixed issue that displayed 'Sharing' of a group before the group had been created. Now only displays the 'Sharing' options after the group has been created.

Fixed issue in Table export whereby the Vacancy Role text was not exported if the system was using Attributes (coding v2)

Re-Booking tool to re-book using the same type as the original booking. (Previously this always created bookings as type 'BKD')

Fixed an issue whereby if a candidate was marked as unavailable in their calendar it was possible to Extend and existing booking over the top of these unavailable days. This has now been prevented.

Fixed an issue which allowed users to delete a Site record when bookings existed in the system. This is now prevented. The system also warns about bookings if you attempt to delete a client where bookings exist at one (or more) of the sites.

Amended template maintenance so that the system warns if the user tries to delete a word template that is used as a "Make and Merge" document on Journal (email) templates.

When sending a 'weekly' Booking confirmation to a candidate by email directly from the [Planner], the system could send only one booking rather than all bookings during the selected week; this has been resolved and now includes the correct start/end dates when resolving bookings.

Release: (01/08/2017 ) ver:  


Scheduled Send now available for FIRETEXT SMS integration. (When sending a batch of SMS messages you can pick a time)

Bug Fixes

Change the position of the "adjustment" column within time-sheet entry; now nearer to the 'Time-sheet' column for easier visibility without need to scroll

Fixed bug which meant that the wrong contact could be added to an assignment when selecting 'Candidates' using search from within assignment.

Changes to the Time-sheet import program to fix issues when importing Time-sheet information from the on-line VOYAGER time-sheet system.

Fix bug is assignments which meant that the wrong 'Status' could be displayed for 'pitches' in some instances.

Fix Bug that means the NOTES page within a booking requirement could be 'blank' and did not save text correctly.

Fix ORG CHART - changes made by Google analytics meant that the ORG Chart page of a client would not display properly.

Speed-up Data Export; When exporting data via Table Maintenance the export process has been changed to be more efficient.

The Update rates program has now been amended to work fully with Rates v2 *and* Rates V3, and will now correctly update un-timesheeted bookings for all version of rates.

Fixed issue where the First/Last booked dates may not display on the 'Work History' page of a candidate when using the Next/Previous buttons at the top of the screen.

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