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CV Drag and Drop Solutions

Occasionally when you try to drag and drop or import a CV into Influence the CV will not import. It is usually because of some problem with the MS Word document itself either with the formatting, the actual file, the permissions or the filename.
If you are unable to import  a CV or find a CV that will not Drag and Drop try the following fixes.

Steps you should take...

Step 1: Resave the Document

Save the file from the email onto your windows desktop then open it with MS Word. Add a single character (such as a space at the end) and re-save the document, then drag & drop the new copy.

TIP: If the file is a *.docx file you can open with MS Word, then re-save as a *.doc (97-2003 Word Document) - this will very often resolve the issue. If that doesn't work can always try to save the document from MS Word as a*.pdffile as these are often processed more simply by Influence.

Step 2: Remove accented characters (é, á, etc) from the filename

Check the filename for the CV. If the filename contains any 'odd' characters such as letters with accents on them the CV will not process correctly. In this case rename the CV with a simple filename containing no accented characters and then try again.


José_čĕzanos.docx     This will not work and will give an error
Jose_cezanos.docx     This will be imported OK

TIP: If you receive a foreign CV and have problems importing the candidate using Drag/Drop try re-naming the file to remove accented characters and re-importing it.

Step 3: Create a New document and copy the CV content

If you still have problems, open the document in MS Word, highlight and COPY all the text, then paste this into a Brand-new <blank> document and save the new document. Then try to drag/drop the new document you created.

{Sometimes people use program other than genuine MS Word to create their CV documents, but save as a 'Word' file. These copies are not always 100% compatible so this step can help.}

Step 4: Display Paragraph marks and remove 'Section Breaks'

4) If there are still problems, then open the CV with MS Word, and turn on the facility within MS word to see the paragraph marks and hidden codes.
Then look through the CV for any 'Section Breaks'. Try removing these.

Once you have removed the 'Section Breaks' save the document, then drag/drop the edited copy of the file without section breaks.

Step 5: Remove Text Boxes in the CV - Use Tables instead

If there are still problems, then use MS Word and search for any "Text Boxes" in the CV.
"Text Boxes" (which are different than tables) are a specific item in MS Word, and can cause problems as any text inside such a box cannot be read/parsed by Influence.

TIP: If you have an up-to-date copy of MS Word (2007 or newer) then you can open the original document and save it back as a *.pdf file which will remove these 'Text Boxes'. Then Drag/Drop the PDF file onto influence as the original CV.

If you do not have a copy of MS Word which can save as PDF then you will need to edit the CV and copy/paste the text out of these text boxes and into the main body of the document.


If you still have problems dragging and dropping a CV then please send the problem CV to along with a brief description of the issue and we will try to investigate for you.

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