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Connect to Cloud Desktop Service


Minimum Hardware requirements:


  • Windows 8 + (Windows 10 home or professional recommended
  • 8GB RAM (16GB Ram recommended)
  • 100GB free disk space   
  • Monitor with 1024 x 768 resolution (1280 x 800 or greater recommended)
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (latest version)


  • OS/X  10.0 +
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (latest version)

1. Connection details

Please ensure that you have the following information before you start (these will be given to your systems administrator on first setup):

Remote Desktop Connection Credentials

Computer:    xxxxxxxxxx
User Name:  xxxxxxxxxx
* Password:  xxxxxxxxxx

These credentials are used for connection to your hosted desktop itself .  The username and password are also used for authentication to the Influence Database server.   If you change your password for access to the remote desktop you will also need to update your password in the influence icon in order to authenticate to the database service.  

* please note we recommend you change your password when you first login to your desktop, prior to using the Influence database for the first time.

Influence Database Credentials

User ID:  xxxxxxxxx

Password: xxxxxxxx

3. Connect to your Cloud Desktop with Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection

  • Connect Using the most recent Microsoft Remote Desktop App
  • Use the  remote desktop credentials above.

  • Click connect and then connect again.  You will reach the following screen.

  • Tick "Don't ask me again for connections to this computer" and then click Yes to connect anyway.
  • You should reach a login page as follows:

  • Click on the user and then enter your password to connect to the hosted desktop.

4.  Changing your password

One inside your hosted desktop we recommend you change your password.

To change password complete the following:

  • Select Start -> Windows Security

  • Select Change Password and enter the old password followed by the new password twice to confirm change.
  • Once password is changed please log off by selecting start -> logoff.  This will take you back to your local desktop.

Please log in again as per the instructions in 3 above.

5.  Connecting to the database the first time

  • Double click your new Influence connection icon.  You will reach the KCML Client Connection screen
  • If you have changed your password in step 4 you will be asked to enter your new service connection password.

  • Click Connect.
  • You will now be at the Influence login screen.  In future when you double click the icon for influence you will automatically authenticate and get to this login screen immediately. 

  • Enter your Influence Database Credentials as follows:

User ID:  from Influence Database Credentials (You can enter your UserID or email address here)

Password:  from Influence Database Credentials

  • Click  Login   
  • When you first connect to the database you will be asked to change your Influence database password as follows:

  • Please enter old password and new password (twice).  Please use the same password creation guidelines below.   For extra security the password should not be the same as your Service Connection password.

Passwords must contain:

  • At least one Capital Letter
  • At least one Special Character (any symbol on the keyboard)
  • At least one Number

Passwords must not:

  • Be made up of a single word and other characters
  • Contain less than eight characters.
  • Contain personal information such as birthdates, addresses, phone numbers, or names of family members, pets, friends, and fantasy characters.
  • Contain work-related information such as building names, system commands, sites, companies, hardware, or software.
  • Contain number patterns such as aaabbb, qwerty, zyxwvuts, or 123321.
  • Contain common words spelled backward, or preceded or followed by a number (for example, terces, secret1 or 1secret).
  • Be in anyway related to the username it relates to.
  • Be some version of “Welcome123” “Password123” “Changeme123

You should never write down a password
  Instead, try to create passwords that you can remember easily. 

Examples are:

create a password based on a song title, affirmation, or other phrase. For example, the phrase, "This May Be One Way To Remember" could become the password TmB1w2R! or another variation.

For more security current recommendations are the use of a passphrase of at least three words with some characters that you can remember easily eg:  SnowWhite&7Dwarfs?  

(NOTE: Do not use either of these examples as passwords!)

  • Click OK to complete your login to the database.

Future Logins

  • When you click on the Influence Icon, the system will first authenticate you to the service. If your Remote Desktop and Service Connection password has changed, then you will first open the KCML Client Login page as follows. 
  • Enter your password from your Service Connection Credentials (or new password if the password has changed)
  • Click Connect to connect to the database.  You will then reach the database login screen.
  • Enter your User ID (or email address) and password from your Database Connection Credentials and click Login

You will now be connected and logged in to the database.  If you have any connection issues please contact the Influence Support Team immediately.

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