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Add a new Email Template (Journal Template)

It is possible for certain users to add new email template (an email template is sometimes referred to as a journal template) to the Influence database. These are used to automatically create emails, text messages, or telephone scripts when contacting a client contact or candidate:

 1) Go to the area of the Workbench where you wish to use the email Template (e.g. Client, Contact, Candidate or Match) then click on an email, telephone or journal button to begin creating a journal.

As soon as the Journal Entry screen appears click the blue [Edit]* button on screen which will open the Template Editor window.
(* On older systems the button may not be labelled [Edit] but will look like a folder - if you hover over the button it will show 'Edit Template' )
NB: Only certain users will have this ability (determined by the permissions on their UserID)




Once the template editor screen opens you can then edit the template itself.
You can edit the existing template by simply amending the words in the lasge white 'Body' area of the screen. If you want an alternative template, click the [Copy] button, then give the new template a description at the bottom left.

To insert fields from the database into the text, simply use the Catalogue at the left hand side of the screen to choose the relevant field.
e.g. To add a candidate name, choose the [+]Candidates section at the left hand side, expand the section and double click on the 'Forename' to insert the field into the text.

To see a guide on the common merge fields in Influence please click here



If you wish to automatically send an attachment (file) with this template then choose "Open Templates Folder" at the top left of the screen, find the file you want to attach (or copy it into this folder) then DRAG the file from this folder on to the Attachments bar at the bottom of the Template Editor screen, just below the main template text.
[NB: If you have multiple documents to add, the best way is to put them all into a *.Zip file, then add the Zip file as the attachement.]


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