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Set Text Notes for a Group (Candidates/Contacts/Vacancies)

Set Text Notes for a Group (Candidates/Contacts/Vacancies)

Influence has the ability to store text notes against the "main" records in the system (Candidates, Contacts, Companies, Vacancies)

After release if will be possible to assign text to a Group of records using the Groups facility.

How it Works

When creating a GROUP using the Groups facility at the left hand side of the workbench, there will be a new facility to record TEXT associated with that group.

When adding a group there will be a small notepad icon at the top right of the screen. Clicking this icon will allow a user to record some text associated with that group.

In order to store the text against every member of the group users will need to select the Properties section of the Groups section.

Choose the relevant Group, then click the Text icon at the top right.

Once the text has been entered use the drop-down at the bottom of the screen to choose the Notes Type to which you wish to assign the text.

Finally click the [Set All] button to write this text to each member of the group. 

In order to perform the mass update the system will ask for a password  to authorise the update. (This password should be known to your internal system administrator.)

Once successfully completed, the system will display a confirmation message as below indicating how many records have been updated.

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