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Create GROUPS from Assignment

Create GROUPS from Assignment

After version, a new facility has been introduced to allow users to create GROUPS from within an Assignment (Headhunt).

From within the Assignment List page users can create GROUPS of Candidates, Contacts or Companies based upon those individuals or organisations which have been linked to the assignment.

How it Works

Go to the assignment and choose the Assignment List page

At the top of this page you will see the Groups icon.  [Looks like 'Blocks'.]
Click this icon to open the Assignment Group Maintenance screen.

Within the Assignment Group Maintenance screen, use the tick boxes to select either Candidates [  ], Companies [  ] or Contacts [  ] depending which type of GROUP you wish to create.

ALSO >> Use the MODE drop-down at the right hand side to select the correct type of group to match the Tick box selection. (e.g. Candidates [x] and Mode: [Candidates] )

Having ticked the type, and selected the MODE, click the Groups icon within the Assignment Group Maintenance Screen and choose either New Group to add a new group, or select Add To ..... to append the items to an existing GROUP.

Example of Error

If you have a mismatch between the type and the MODE, the system will display a warning screen as below.

e.g. In the example below we have selected type as Contacts, but the MODE as Candidates.

For more information about GROUPS, click HERE

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