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Umbrella Contact included as 'Bcc' on Candidate Confirmation email.

Umbrella Contact included as 'Bcc' on Candidate Confirmation email.

After release when sending a booking confirmation email to a candidate it will be possible to automatically incluse a specified contact from the Umbrella company in the 'Bcc' field of the email.

This ensures that the Umbrella company is kept informed about the employment of their personnel.

How it works

On the Financial  page of a candidate record, you can indicate if they are working via an Umbrella Company. If so, then you can record the name of the contact at the umbrella company.

It is this contact who will be used as the Bcc recipient (providing they are the right 'Type')


The feature is controlled with a parameter, which determines the "Importance" Code of the umbrella contact to whom emails will be Bcc'd.

PAYROLLB,Flag(30) Umb.Contact Importance for CC on Cand Confirm.

You will also need to ensure that this importance code has been added to the relevant code table.

Contact Importance [128] 

We would suggest adding a new importance (perhaps U - Umbrella cc Contact)

Go to the Umbrella company, find the contact and change their importance to the relevant one *(e.g. "U" )

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