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Compliance Type codes

Compliance Type codes

Sometimes it is useful to have several compliance items which are required for some clients, but not others. For example in a medical environment there may be certain checks & compliance items required by all Private Hospitals, and other checks which are only applicable to NHS based organisation. Compliance Type codes provide a way to achieve this.

Creating Compliance Types

Compliance types are stored in a code table.
They can be added from

Maintenance > Setup > Code Tables
choose C - Contact Management and then select code table Compliance Types [233]

Using Compliance Types

When defining a new Compliance Item it is possible to allocate a Compliance Type to the item using the drop-down at the right hand side. It is possible to allocate more than one Compliance Type to a single Compliance Item.  (see below)

These same Compliance Types can be recorded against client records (or Sites) on the [Compliance] page of the record to indicate that they require all Compliance Items of this type to be checked.

How it Works

The compliance page of a candidate record is used to record which items they have and areas in which they are compliant.

When making a booking at a client, if the client record has a Compliance Type specified then the system will look at any compliance items of this Type in addition to any 'normal' compliance items which have no Type specified.

When holding a Compliance Type it can be recorded against a SITE, or (if the site is blank) then the system can revert to look at the main CLIENT record. This behaviour is controlled with a parameter (RecD, Flag(21) ) 


There is a compliance type of 'Danger'
The compliance item HV Training is flagged as being of the Danger type, and marked as a warnable item for TEMP workers.

BBR Demolition Ltd has been set to indicate that Compliance Type 'Danger' is required.
JP Builders Ltd has no Compliance Type specified.

Candidate John Trowell has the HV Training item marked as complete.
Candidate Micky Bricks  does not have the HV Training item marked as complete.

i) Booking for John Trowell @ BBR Demolition is ALLOWED as he has HV Training.
ii) Booking for Micky Bricks @ BBR Demolition is NOT ALLOWED as he needs HV Training.

iii) Booking for John Trowell @ JP Builder is ALLOWED - HV Training is not considered.
iv) Booking for Micky Bricks @ JP Builders is ALLOWED - HV Training is not considered.

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