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Firetext Setup

Influence now has the ability to integrate with firetext , a great SMS facility, which you can now use from  within your Influence Database.

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- Get in touch with your Influence accounts manager to enquire about this service and purchase an SMS licence if you do not already have this.  

- Contact FIRETEXT our SMS partner. You will need to setup and account with FIRETEXT and you will be able to manage the purchase of credits from there. See

- Once you have details of your FIRETEXT account contact Influence with those details and we will put them into your database so that the two system talk to each other. 

(Or follow the instructions below to add the details of your account yourselves.)

Setting up Firetext within Influence

1) Go to Maintenance -  Setup - Parameters

2) Choose File > Open and select the Parameter set "Journals".
 Flag 10 -  Value must be changed to "F"

3) In the same Parameter set choose the [Text] Tab

4) Now with the firetext details at hand add the information in the following parameters

Text(14): User ID - enter the user ID for your firetext account.

Text(15): Password - enter the password for your firetext account.

Text(16): API ID - Your firextext API ID: You will need to contact Firetext who will tell you your API ID - you will need to store this here.

Text(17): From - This is the response number if you wish that the texts you want to send out become repliable, please ask Influence for further information.

5) Press Apply/ OK to save changes.

Additional Information

1. For a consultant to be able to use texting service you will need to tick the "Allow sms" tickbox in their Influence user profile

2. Influence has the ability to pull the text replies back into the system and into the alert managers of the consultant who sends them, please refer to the support desk for further information.

NB: After version It is possible to exclude the SUBJECT line from a journal when passing the message to Firetext to send as an SMS.
This can be activated using parameter 

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