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Temp system - Temp Candidates & Making Bookings

The Influence Professional software allows users to easily book Temps at sites. The system will helpfully suggest likely workers to use, based on the fact that they have worked at a site or company before.

This covers some basic information about the Temp Worker System :
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- Indicating a candidate is a TEMP

- Making Bookings

- Sending Confirmations (to both candidate and client)


Indicating a Candidate as a Temp Worker

Anyone who is currently working as a TEMP should have the Temp Work flag ticked on their candidate record.

This will ensure they appear on ‘Master Planner’ screen.


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Making Bookings

Go into the company record and choose the [Bookings] tab. You can use the From/To date fields to see bookings at this client between the chosen dates. To make new bookings click the [Book] button.

The system will display the bookings screen. You can choose a Contact (who made the booking) a Role (the type of work/worker), and the dates of the bookings (From / To )

The system will show  a list of “suitable” candidates in the lower half of the screen. To choose one of these simply tick in the Select column.

Alternatively, you can choose a totally different candidate by typing their surname into the Candidate: field at the left, and then clicking the 3-dots to search for the candidate.

You may also select a start time/end time for their booking, and the minutes of unpaid break that they are allowed. You can also set the Basic Pay/Basic Charge Rates at the top-centre of the screen.

Note: These can be stored as ‘default’ rates on the client for this ROLE type, and would then be filled-in automatically

Once happy with your selection, click the [Book] button to create the booking(s).

NB: It is possible to create a booking with no candidate specified, and then decide who will do the booking at a later date.

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Confirming bookings (to Temp worker and Client)

This can be done easily from the [Bookings] tab of the company record.

Use the filters at the top of the screen (Candidates / Contacts, From – To) to filter the list of bookings until you see only those that you wish to confirm. Then click the [Confirm] button.

The system will then display the booking confirmation screen (see below)

To confirm the booking to the Temp worker, simply click on their email address. The system will then display a journal entry screen where you can enter the confirmation details

Tip: You can create a template to automatically populate this if you like

To confirm the booking to the contact who booked them, click the email icon at the bottom of the screen. The system will then display a journal entry screen where you can enter the confirmation details

Tip: You can create a similar template to the one above automatically populate, showing all the temps they have booked

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