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Attach a *.pdf file to an SMS (text) Message

After version it is possible to attach a file (*.pdf only) to an SMS message.
When received the text message will contain a LINK to allow the recipient to download the attached file onto their device.

Note: This feature is only available if you are using firetext as your SMS service provider. Other providers, such as BulkSMS or IceTRAK do not offer this feature.

NB: There are some system parameters (JNL,Text(10)) which need to be changed before the feature will work - please contact Influence support to obtain the correct settings.

How it Works

Create a journal in Influence as you normally would (e.g. Click the 'mobile' icon next to a candidate mobile number.)
When the Journal Entry screen appears, with the Method set to S - SMS you may then write your message and attach a single file (which must be a  *.pdf) to the message.

The attached file will be displayed.
When you click [OK] the message will be sent and will contain a LINK to enable the attached file to be downloaded on the recipients device.

Files can be attached in the following ways:

- Drag/Drop the file onto the Journal Entry
- Click the [Attachments] tab and select an existing file from the database
- Click the paperclip (Attachment Manager) at the top of the journal Entry screen, and choose one of the 'standard' attachments from there.

Alternatively, it is possible that the SMS Journal Template itself can be setup to make/merge a document. In that case the system will make the document as a *.doc file, and will then convert it to a *.pdf which gets automatically attached and sent with the SMS message.   (See below)

Technical Note

(What the system actually does is send an email to Firetext with the attachment and the mobile number. Firetext then convert this to a text message and a LINK to allow the file to be downloaded. A copy of the sent email will be available in your MS Outlook Sent Items folder. See below)


1) This feature is only available if you are using Firetext as your SMS service provider.

2) In order to work, the email address of the sending user must be added to the Whitelist on your Firetext account. (see below)

If you wish to enquire about Firetext please call us and speak to the sales team for more details. Tel: 01372 365 716 - option 2

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