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Default Candidate Status

Whenever you add a candidate record to your system it is assigned a Status by default.
You can change the default status in the following way.

i) Choose Maintenance > Setup > PArameters

ii) Use File > Open and open the RECC parameter Group.

iv) Select the [Text] tab and set Default New Candidate Status to the value you want (e.g. RAW) 

Every time a new candidate is added to the system, their initial (default) status will be set to RAW.

NB: After making this change you will need to log OUT/IN from the database before the change takes effect.

NOTE: If this doesn't work, then in some (older) systems this may be over-ridden by a setting on the data dictionary for the file itself. In these cases you will need to go to 
Maintenance > Database Management, Table Maintenance.
Open the Candidates Table, and double-click to open the field list.
Choose the 
Status field and set the default value to 'txt(RECC,19)

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