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Using a Policy to Set the Status of a Candidate

From version (or later) When creating a Policy using the Policy Manager it is possible to set it up so that the act of opting into the policy will update or amend the Candidate Status.

NOTE: If you are going to do this, then only one policy should be setup to change the Status of candidates. DO NOT SET Multiple Policies to change the candidate status.

Having created a Policy you will need to open the policy and ensure that you have ticked the GDPR [  ] option to make the policy visible within the Data Manager (padlock)

You should then choose the [Opting] tab.

On here you can specify what status to set records to in they opt IN (e.g. LIVE) and what status to set them to if they opt OUT (e.g. REMD)

After version it is possible to specify certain statuses which will be left alone, even if the candidate opts into the policy. Earlier versions of the software did not have this feature.

NOTE: You can also list up to 4 statuses which will be ignored if someone opts-in.
e.g. If a candidate were already at the status of PLCD (Placed) then opting IN would not change their status and they would remain as PLCD.

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