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TEMP System - User Guide

This guide is designed to explain the process for adding a new temporary booking to the system. It is based around the VACANCY system, and assumes that the temporary roles you are adding are for longer term positions and will be entered as vacancies. For short-term 'industrial' temps where you simply send a number of people to site, then you may be better using the bookings planner system.


- Logging/Entering a booking

- Searching/Shortlisting a temp

- Booking a Temp

- Confirming a Booking

- Extending a temp Vacancy with associated Bookings

- Replacing a Booked Candidate with another

- Viewing existing bookings on the system

-View "Temp" vacancies

-View [Bookings] temp vacancies

Logging/Entering a Booking

Go to the company which requires the booking and select the Vacancies page, click the [New] button at the bottom left and add the new vacancy. Complete the Vacancy details  such as Role, Description, Type (must be TEMP), Start/End, Contact, Pay/Charge Rates and Hours using the Start/End fields at the top right.

When done click the [Apply] button. You will automatically be taken onto the 'Bookings' page of the vacancy where you could immediately use the [Book] button to select a candidate. If you wish to record a Job Spec you will need to manually choose the "Spec&Skills" page then complete the Job Spec area with details of this assignment. (if applicable)

Having completed the Job Spec area clicking the [Apply] button will save the details. You may then select the "Documents" page to store any additional documents or paperwork relevant to this position by dragging/dropping them onto the "Documents" page.

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Searching/Shortlisting a Temp

To select one or more Temps to consider for this position choose the 'Candidates' page.

If you know the name of a Temp to consider for the job then click the [New] button and find the Temp worker using their Surname/Forename, then double-click to match them to the position.

To search the database for suitable Temporary workers click the [Search] button at the bottom of the screen. Once the Candidate Search page appears, enter the relevant criteria (Role, Salary, Criteria/Key Codes and CV_Text) then use the [Search] button to find suitable candidates. Tick those to be added to the shortlist, and then press [Match] to add them to the shortlist.

You may then use the Workflow check-boxes to track the progress of this Candidate with regard to this job.

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Booking a Temp into a Position

The easiest way to BOOK a specific candidate for a role is via the vacancy itself.
Open the relevant vacancy and choose the [Bookings] tab, then use the blue [Book]  button at the right hand side of the screen.

The system will open a Booking Details page. Based upon the ROLE which was selected for the vacancy, the system *may* suggest candidates who are available for TEMP work for the chosen ROLE. When displaying a suggestion list candidates who have worked and returned timesheets at the specific company/branch will be displayed at the top of the list with a green Tick /round 'Select' icon in the company/Branch columns. 

NB: In later versions after, the green tick has been replaced with a round 'selection' icon

Use the Bookings Detail page to select a Contact, a ROLE, a Date Range (from/to) and hours (Start/End) for this booking.
Also remember to use the Week Control (top right) to determine which weekdays they are working - the default is Mon-Fri.

You may select one of the suggested candidate by placing a tick in the 'Select' column, or you may choose a totally different candidate by typing their surname into the 'Candidate' field then pressing the [...] button to select that person. When finished click the [Book] button at the bottom right of the screen.

NB: The screen layout above is from version - earlier versions have a slightly different results grid layout.

Having chosen your candidate you will be taken back into the vacancy record on the Booking page which will display a list of the days that the candidate has been booked to work at the site.


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Confirming a Booking

Having chosen a candidate it is possible to send a confirmation email to the candidate (or manger) from the vacancy itself.
 Open the vacancy record and select the [Bookings] tab. 

Important - Use the From / To fields to select the date range of bookings you wish to confirm.

At the bottom left click on the [Confirm] button to open the Booking Confirmation page.
To send a confirmation to the candidate, click on the displayed email address.

To send a confirmation to the Client/Hiring manager click the small email symbol next to the 'Contact' shown at the bottom centre of the screen.

Tip: If there are several candidates all working during these dates it is possible to send an email to each candidate and a single email to the manager with details of all the bookings he/she has requested

Tip2: Having confirmed any bookings it is a good idea to set the Status for the vacancy to "FILD - Booking Filled" instead of leaving it at a status of 'LIVE'

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Extending a Temp Vacancy with associated Bookings

Find the original vacancy and amend the Start/End dates at the top centre of the screen to reflect the new END date for this position.
Then choose the [Bookings] tab of the vacancy and click the blue [Book] button to add on the extra days.

When the Client Booking Details page appears enter the booking details as you normally would, check the start/end date and the 'Week Control' at the top right, select the relevant candidate, then click [Book] at the bottom left to book the additional days.


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Replacing a Booked Candidate with another

Find the original vacancy and select the [Bookings] tab and then select the 'Action' sub-page.
Use the drop-down menu to choose REPLACE and then select the candidate to replace, and the candidate to replace them with, and the date range for the replacement. Click [Execute] to make the change.

TIP: There are other actions that can be done using the same page
- SWAP   allows you to SWAP the bookings for two candidates who may be job-sharing, e.g Mary will do Sally's days and vice versa.
- REMOVE Allows you to remove a particular candidate from a range of bookings, but leave the bookings there as "Un-filled"
- DELETE deletes all the bookings for the chosen candidate within a specified date range at this client.
e.g.     [ Replace ]   [Fred Smith ]    with   [Martin Jones  ]       From: 01/05/2012   to: 19/07/2012

Click the [Execute] button to replace the candidate between the selected dates.


Note: After you’ve swapped a candidate, you may want to go back to the ‘Filter’ page, and then re-use the [Confirm] button to send confirmations to the client, and the new candidate.

The ‘Action’ page allows several other actions on the entire ‘set’ of bookings; you can DELETE all the bookings, REMOVE a candidate (which will leave a set of unfilled bookings) or SWAP one candidate with another.

(e.g. If FRED did Mon/Tue/Wed and Harry was going to do Thur/Fri, you could SWAP them, so Harry does Mon/Tue/Wed, and Fred would then do Thur/Fri )

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Viewing existing Bookings on the system

There are several ways to view bookings. You can look at the Vacancies that have been logged as TEMP vacancies by using the [Vacancies] button at the left of the workbench, or you can use the [Bookings] tab to view vacancies with the visual planner.

To view the "Temp" Vacancies

  1. Select the Vacancies button on the left hand side. Use the filters to look for Status = All Live Vacancies, and Type = Temp. This will give a list of the ‘Bookings’ that you have entered as above.


i) You could use the Company or Consultant filters to see Temp Vacancies for a specific company, or entered by a specific user (consultant)

ii) You could use the ‘Start Date’ filter to see Vacancies with start dates between xxx – yyy.

iii) You could use the stars (top right) to setup a Favourite View that saves you having to fill-in all these filters every time. Use the Star with a ‘+’ to add a new favourite view.

iv) You may want to use the ‘Status’ filter to look at either “All Live Vacancies” (i.e. those that need to be filled) or maybe look at “Booking Filled” (i.e. those you’ve filled.)

To view [Bookings]"Temp" Vacancies

Select the [Bookings] button at the left of the workbench.

You can then click the [TS] button at the bottom right of the system to open the "Timesheet Entry" screen.
This allows you to view the booking using the Timesheet Entry mode.

The system will then open the Timesheet Entry screen.
This screen allows you to filter and show bookings in a variety of ways, including some common filters mentioned below;

Lets you show any bookings between selected dates
Allows you to filter the list of bookings to show only  those for the chosen company
Can be used to filter the displayed bookings to show only those requested/booked by a specific  contact
Shows only bookings for the chosen candidate (between the specified dates)
 Will only display bookings where the ROLE code chosen at the time of booking matches a specified type
Can be used to show bookings taken from a particular OFFICE* only.
NB: *OFFICE means one of your offices if you are a multi-branch agency. Users in the system should normally be assigned to a particular OFFICE - on older systems this is sometimes referred to as 'Department' on the user record.

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