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GDPR - Send email to obtain consent

Once you have consolidated your database and removed any old or obsolete records you may wish to send emails to the remaining candidates to inform them of your published Privacy policy and to check their consent for marketing communication.

An example process is outlined below:

1. Build a Group of all candidates who you have moved to a particular Status, e.g. UNCN - Unconfirmed.

2. Click on the MACRO button (cog) to pass the names into the Macro Manager.
Select an appropriate Method (SMS/Email) and a Call Type. (e.g. GDPR)

If you have already created a template, and associated it with this call type, it should be available in the Template drop-down list. If not, you can create a template at this point by clicking the [Edit] button.  (You can see more about adding a template HERE)

NB: After release you can tick the bcc ( ) option in preference to 'Normal' which will allow you to send batches of emails (50 at a time) in bcc mode. 
This will be quicker than Normal mode which sends an individual email to each person.

(Prior to that release, any MERGE fields or templates were NOT allowed when sending in bcc mode, so you could not include a template with items such as policy documents or Policy manger tags.)

Having chosen your template click the [Apply] button at the top of the screen to prepare the template for all the candidates.
Once ready to send, click in the done column next to the first person on the list to pass the email into MS Outlook so you can see and check the email - If all OK then send it.

3. To send all the other emails, simply tick the Batch Mode [  ] tick box at the right hand side, then press [APPLY] at the bottom of the screen to pass all the other emails (one at a time) into MS Outlook and then send.

NB: If there are a lot of emails to send this could take a LONG time - and you will not be able to use the PC for anything else until all emails have been sent.

Tip: You may wish to split your Group into smaller sections by Surname, so send an email to all the A's first, then the B's, then the C's, etc. This will mean each section is a smaller send.

Automated 'Ask' in Policy Group

If you used a template as part of your mass email which included any merge fields from the Policy manager, this will automatically add all the recipients into the Policy Group for 'Asking' about that Policy.

e.g. In the example below candidate have been automatically added into the [?] PRIV Policy Group because they have been sent an email with a merge field from the PRIV policy.

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