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Candidate Workbench - Search by Journals

After release a new feature has been added to the [Candidates] workbench.
It will allow users to search for candidates based upon Journals they have received.

How it Works

Select the [Candidates] workbench. click the Journals  filter at the top of the workbench to open the Journals Enhanced Search box.

Within the search box you can enter up to 10 criteria which will be applied. Each criteria can apply some logic such as EQ (equal), GT (Greater than), GE (Greater than or Equal), LT (Less Than), LE (Less than or Equal to), etc, etc.

The Logic Line below these criteria will tell the system how to combine these using & (AND) and / (OR).   For example (1&2)/3  would apply criteria 1 AND 2, OR 3.

The following items are available to search;

Body: Will search in the body text of the Journal.

Date: Will search using the date of the Journal.

Dir: Direction. Looks at the Direction of the Journal (Usually In/Out)

Meth: Method, such as E (email), P (Phone), S (SMS), etc.

Ref: Search the contents of the Reference field displayed on the Journal Entry page.

Res: Search on the Result recorded on the Journal Entry page.

Subj: Search the Subject of the Journal for particular text.

Type: Search based upon the Call Type of the Journal.

User: Search for the USER_ID of the person who recorded/stored the Journal in the database.


Some example searches are shown below to help users to understand the sort of searches which are possible with this feature.

Example 1:

This search will find anyone who has had a Journal on or after 01/05/2018 logged by the user GO or ADM.

Example 2:

This looks for people who have had any Journal between 1st Jan 2018 - 31st March 2018 <OR> If they have EVER had a journal of the Call Type COM (Complaint)

Example 3:

This looks for people with a Journal which has direction set to I (inward), Method P (phone), E (email) or S (SMS) on or after 01/01/2017.

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