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GDPR - Consent Manager

From version (or later) we have added a Consent Manager to the system. This allows users to control which items from a candidate (or contact) record can be attached, and which communication methods are allowed or prevented.

How it Works

Go to the relevant candidate (or contact) and open the Data Protection manager (Padlock). There is a new tab labelled Consent Centre  (See below)

The system will list lots of items which can be blocked or allowed using the block/allow column at the right hand end.

e.g. To block the attachment of the Safe CV, simply find the relevant document and set it to blocked. (-)

Once blocked this document cannot be added to the attachment buffer, or attached to a journal (email). It is indicated as blocked on the DOCS page of the candidate. [See below]Tip: You can use the [Block All] or [Allow All] buttons at the bottom left to quickly set all items.

If a user attempts to communicate with the candidate in one of the dis-allowed methods the system will display a warning indicating that the communication method has been blocked. e.g.

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