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TEMP system - Candidate Availability Planner (Bookings)

Candidate Availability Planner

The Influence system has a nice way of visually viewing candidate availability by using the [Bookings]  button at the left of the main workbench.

Choose the Bookings button. Once the page appears, use the Style filter at the top right to choose the “Planner”.
  1. Set the date range to “Using date Range” and set the candidate Status to “All”.
    Also make sure that at the very bottom right of the screen, Booked, Avail & Other are ticked

Tip: It may be useful to save this view as a favourite view by clicking the "Add Favourite" star at the top right of the workbench

Enter the name of a Company you want to look at into the Company filter at the top of the screen then click the [Go] button.

  1. The system will show you details of WHO is working at that site, and the days they are doing there.
    The actual details for each day will show up in green. If you hover your mouse over the details it will show you the full detail.

Note: When looking at the details for each day, there is a little symbol in the corner, such as a swirl, a “?” or a “tick”.
These let you know if you have CONFIRMED these dates or not.

“swirl”    - You’ve recorded the date(s) but not sent confirmation.
“?”           - You’ve emailed the confirmation to the candidate, but not yet set it as confirmed (maybe you’re waiting to hear back?)
“tick”         - You have set these dates to a status of confirmed.

From this page, you can click on the candidate name to open their record.
You can click on the phone icon to log a phone call to them or click the email icon to send them an email.

At the bottom left are 3 little ¤ buttons.
You can use these to show the Candidate status (e.g. LIVE/RAW), the Distance that they are from site, or a summary of hours*
(NB: The ‘Hours’ information relates to specific calculations for DRIVERS about working hours over last 17 weeks, and will not be useful for most people
unless you are specifically working with DRIVERS.)


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