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Duplicate CVs can be set as Original CV

When using the AUTO tool to import CVs into the database, if the system spots a duplicate it will store the document on the DOCS page of the existing candidate record.

[Available after version]

(see below)

 If you Right Click on this document you will be presented with a menu of actions, and can choose to set the duplicate document as the 'original CV' for the candidate.

NB: If you do replace the 'Safe CV' with a new document, the system will also replace the text which is displayed on the CV&Skills page of a candidate with the new content and also allocate any new Attributes if there are any new word patterns in the text to trigger these attributes.


When viewing the main candidate record, then the system will indicate that there are duplicate CVs stored with a Warning message located near to the candidate name.

(See below)

NB: If you click on the Warning  icon it will take you directly to the DOCS page of the candidate

For more information about automatic CV import, see the article HERE

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