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Create an OnSpec Match for a Candidate

Creating an OnSpec Match

Matches are used to link candidates to vacancies or contacts and then track the progress made. An OnSpec match is the type of match that links a candidate to a Contact and then allows you to send a CV, follow-up the CV, book interviews, etc.

From the Candidate Record

Open the candidate record and choose the Matches page of their record.
At the bottom right of the screen select the relevant radio button next to the blue [OnSpec] button;

  • Single    this will allow you you to select a single company, then choose which manager to Match the candidate with
  • Multiple  this will allow you to run a search for several contacts and the Match the candidate to those selected contacts


Creating a Single OnSpec Match

Choose Single then click the [OnSpec] button. When the company selection page opens, enter the name of the company you wish to fidn then press [Search] at the bottom left. Once the name of the company appears in the selection grid, double-click on the name to see a list of the contacts at the chosen firm, then double-click on the name of the manager.

The system will display a Match/Interview bookings page with a summmary of the Candidate you have selected and the Site/Manager you are intending to match them with. If this is correct then click the [OK] button at the bottom right of the screen.


Creating Multiple OnSpec Matches

Choose Multiple then click the [OnSpec] button.
The system will now open a Company/Contact Search page. Using the Options section at the top left of this page choose the radio-button for Contacts

 Now use any of the on-screen filters and criteria (such as Importance, Bus.Type, Address, or Attributes) to filter and find suitable contacts to send the candidate CV to, then press the [Search] button at the bottom left of the screen.

Once the system returns a list of contacts matching the chosen critera, place a tick in the Inc column to choose contacts to create a Match with and then press the [Match] button to create these matches. You may then either amend the criteria and search for a few more contacts, or press [OK] if you have finished searching.

You will then be returned to the candidate Matches page and will see a list of OnSpec matches which have been created.


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