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Create an OnSpec Match for a Candidate

Matches are used to link candidates to vacancies or contacts and then track the progress made. An OnSpec match is the type of match that links a candidate to a Contact and then allows you to send a CV, follow-up the CV, book interviews, etc.

From the Candidate Record

Open the candidate record and choose the [Matches] tab of their record.
At the bottom right of the screen select the relevant radio button next to the blue [OnSpec] button;

This will allow you you to select a single company and then choose which manager to Match the candidate with
This will allow you to run a search for several contacts and the Match the candidate to those selected contacts


Creating a Single OnSpec Match

Choose Single then click the [OnSpec] button. When the company selection page opens, enter the name of the company you wish to find then press [Search] at the bottom left. Once the name of the company appears in the selection grid, double-click on the name to see a list of the contacts at the chosen firm, then double-click on the name of the manager.

The system will display a Match/Interview bookings page with a summary of the Candidate you have selected and the Site/Manager you are intending to match them with. If this is correct then click the [OK] button at the bottom right of the screen.


Creating Multiple OnSpec Matches

Choose Multiple then click the [OnSpec] button.
The system will now open a Company/Contact Search page. Using the Options section at the top left of this page choose the radio-button for Contacts

 Now use any of the on-screen filters and criteria (such as Importance, Bus.Type, Address, or Attributes) to filter and find suitable contacts to send the candidate CV to, then press the [Search] button at the bottom left of the screen.

Once the system returns a list of contacts matching the chosen critera, place a tick in the Inc column to choose contacts to create a Match with and then press the [Match] button to create these matches. You may then either amend the criteria and search for a few more contacts, or press [OK] if you have finished searching.

You will then be returned to the candidate [Matches] tab and will see a list of OnSpec matches which have been created.


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