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Calculated Pay/Charge rates for bookings (Uplift)

After version a new feature has been added to allow users to specify an uplift against a role. This can be used to calculate the Charge Rate as an increase from the PAY rate <or> to calculate the Pay Rate as a reduction from the Charge rate.


For the role of "CHEF" is is possible to specify that the Charge rate must be 10% higher than the Pay Rate.

This means that if the booking was made with a pay rate of £15.00, then the Charge rate would be automatically calculated as £16.50  (i.e. £15.00+£1.50)

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System Setup


How to use Uplifts


System Setup

The uplift percentages are held against each ROLE within the system, using the TEXT against that role. To add an uplift go to;

Maintenance > Setup > Code Tables
Select File > Open, then choose system area C - contact Management

Choose Role Code [903] and click the TEXT (   )icon.

Having clicked on the Text icon, you will then need to add an entry for the Uplift.

The format for defining the uplift is

[[UPLIFTS=BBB/R/%%]]        where

BBB - The booking type to which this uplift applies (e.g. BKD)  or * for all types.

R - the rate you wish to calculate; either C (Charge) or P (Pay)

%% - the percentage to be applied to calculate the rate

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[[Uplifts=*/C/20]] would mean that the system would always calculate the charge rate 20% higher than the pay rate for any booking of this role.

[[Uplifts=*/P/20.00]] would mean that the Pay rate was calculated as a 80% of the charge rate for any booking type thereby giving a 20% Margin

NOTE: It is also possible to define more than one set of uplifts within the same text, e.g.

In this case booking made using booking type "CSS" would calculate the charge as 10% more than the pay. Bookings made using booking type DEF would calculate the charge as 20% higher than the pay. Bookings made for all other booking types would calculate the Pay as 20% less than the charge.

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How to use the uplifts

Once uplifts have been setup, it is simply a case of making bookings as usual. There is nothing else for the user to consider as the system applies the relevant uplifts automatically.

In the example below, the booking has been made using booking type BKX and has pulled-in the pay rate (£22.00/Hr) from the candidate record. It has then calculated the charge rate as 20% higher(£26.40/Hr)

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NOTE: The uplift rates will always take precedence over any rates stored on a rate card.

For example, if the role of CHEF was set to apply a 20% markup to the pay rate and the rate card for the candidate was as below, then although the Basic hourly rate is set as Pay=£22, charge =£49, when making a booking the rate will be calculated as 20% more than the pay (i.e. £26.40) and the £49.00 indicated on the rate card will be ignored.

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