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Group users by Offices/Teams for searching on workbenches

From version or later it is possible to search by the "Office" assigned to a userID in the same way that departments of users can be selected when consultant filters are used on the workbench.

The office will be shown by { } surrounding the office name in the drop down rather than the [ ] that are used for departments.

System Setup

Parameter PROFESSWB Flag 28 has the addition of O for Office or for both to switch this on. (Include team on Cons Select).

Maintenance > Setup > Parameters > Open folder and look for PROFESSWB

Options are now:

Departments (Teams)

Both Departments and Offices 

Not available for selection.

If you have no Offices or Teams Setup you will need to add these within Code Tables.

Maintenance > Setup > Code Tables > System Area: System

You can then select which option you are wanting to edit, Dept Codes (teams) or Offices .

Once you have setup your teams, departments or offices, the User-profile will need to be amended for each user to show the relevant 'Office' / 'Teams'  at the bottom right  of their record. (see below)

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