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Setting Consultant Targets

This document explains how to set the targets that are used on the meters seen on the Home Page for each consultant.

For a guide in how to configure the specific data the targets use please click HERE

From the workbench choose Maintenance > Reporting Tools > Consultant Targets. 

Once the performance targets screen appears, you can begin setting up targets.

You can choose to set targets for A – Agency Default, T – Team or C- Consultant. When showing target meters, the system will show targets from the lowest level.

You can set targets for a specific year, or for ‘Any year’.

If the screen is grey/full of dots, then you need to hit [Create] to create blank set of targets for the chosen selections. (Year/Consultant)

The columns shown represent the meters you will see on the HOME Page. Click on any column heading to select that meter.

Once you have chosen a column (see above) you can use this to set a value for all rows of the chosen column by clicking the [Set All] button.


The example demonstrates how to set target for a specific consultant. (DS – Dave Sargeant), with the targets applying to *any year*.

You can easily set targets for each week of the year by selecting a column heading, Entering the target value into the Value [       ] field, and then clicking [Set All]

This means that DS has a target of adding 12 new clients per week, every week of *any year*.


Agency (A)  or Team (T) targets are useful if you want the same targets for everyone in your company, or all members of a particular TEAM, since you only need to set them up ONCE.
e.g. If I wanted all consultants to have a target of sending 20 CVs, and adding 10 New Contacts, it would be easier to set an AGENCY target for this. Each consultant would then be individually expected to achieve 20CVs sent, 10 Contacts added, etc.

If one consultant was part-time, and has a different set of targets (8 CVs and 4 New Contacts) then I could create a set of Consultant (C) targets for that one individual

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