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NFC Passport/ID Scan (Compliance items)

It is possible to use an android app to scan the details from the NFC chip inside passports and ID Cards. This information can then be shared (via email) and imported into influence in order to complete a compliance item.

Currently Supported App(s)

Currently this feature has been tried/tested with the following android App(s). It is possible it may work with other apps that can send NFC information

App name: ReadID - NFC Passport Reader             Publisher: InnoValor

How it Works

Install the app onto your android device.
Adjust the Settings and enable 'Include Personal Data'
Follow the on-screen instructions to scan the MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) of the document, then use the NFC facility to read the data from the RFID chip.

You can then 'share' this information (via email) and send the data to yourself.

Once you receive the email it will have a format like the one below, with a *.jpg file attached, named in a specific way relating to the type of document which was scanned/captured.

To store the information, simply open the relevant candidate record, choose the 'Compliance' page and then drag/drop the email onto that page.

Because the of specific format of the email and the attachment the system will recognize that this has come from an NFC scan, and will open a specific dialogue with details.

The system will use the attached picture and set it as the image you see on the 'Personal' page of the candidate record.

It will extract the details from the body of the email and use these to complete the relevant compliance item. (Normally "Passport" or "Right to Work" depending on how your system has been setup or configured)

It will save a copy of the email (as a document) onto the DOCS page of the candidate record, linked to the relevant compliance item.


When dragging/dropping NFC scan emails the system will respect any priority levels or access control for users, so if you cannot normally tick or complete compliance items you will not be able to complete the item using drag/drop.

The triggering of "NFC Mode" is caused by the specific design of the email and attachment - manual emails containing the same data will *not* work in this way.

Two useful parameters, related to NFC
GDPR, Text(11) NFC email Compliance code for Passport
GDPR, Text(12) NFC email Compliance code for EU ID Card

New roll-out systems will set these to RTW (Right to Work)
For older systems simply point them at the correct Compliance CODE.

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